I'm a self taught photographer for about 8 years now. I was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya and currently based in Vancouver, Canada. A by chance photo I submitted to National Geographic was featured and everything changed. Featured several times after, I realized my passion for photography lied in Wildlife and Nature.

I have learnt about different cultures and values and try to implement them in each photograph I take.

What I learnt about my experience through photography is that it will inevitably force you look at the world much harder than normal. It makes you find intriguing and unusual stunning beauty in unexpected places.

I am inspired by color and shapes. I am more of an artist than a technician. I try to implement and play with bright colours in my photographs and usually use a more artistic approach in my style of photography.

I don't believe in taking pictures, I like to capture moments, stories, and the you that you are today.